13 November 2018



The multi award-winning strawberry capper from Turatti Group has quickly become the industry standard when needing to process this popular but fragile fruit. Continuously striving toward excellence, the latest version of this model was improved with a strong focus on hygienic design and performance.
Here are five reasons why the Mod. Frazer simply cannot be competed with:

  1. Quality of the cut. While being held in place on the conveyor (upside down with a vacuum), the strawberries are moved into the cutting blade, which sits only a few millimeters above the conveyor belt, seamlessly removing only the unwanted calyx. This cutting action drops the tissue damage to a minimum. No drills, no mechanical damage. Only the calyx is sliced and removed, and nothing more. Since the usable strawberry is not restrained, no pressure is exerted against the strawberry body, so there is no shelf life impact.
  2. Gentle to the product. The strawberries are held in place by a vacuum, upside down. Therefore, the only piece of the fruit that is ever touched by the machine is the calyx, which will be discarded. In fact, the cut strawberry tops are immediately separated from the flow of the topped product, avoiding cross-contaminations.
  3. Ultimate hygienic design. Designed with hygiene in mind, the new version reduces the time spent cleaning by offering easier access. Because of the openness of the design, the machine can be thoroughly cleaned with high effectiveness. Model features open frames without hollow structural tubes that could potentially harbor pathogenic microorganisms. The belts are equipped with quick release and removable frames, and the fan is openable with interlocks. The topping blade is continuously lubricated by a sanitizing solution. This keeps the blade clean, and halts any development of pathogenic microorganisms.
  4. Ability to cut the strawberries in half. After the calyx has been sliced, the strawberry can be halved in a similar fashion. Still held upside down by the vacuum, the product can be conveyed into vertical blades that cleanly and precisely cut it in half. These halving blades are easily installed and fit seamlessly into the existing operation of the machine.
  5. High capacity and yield. Because a minimal amount of product is removed, all while being handled gently, processors who use the Mod. Frazer experience a higher yield. In addition to this, the Mod. Frazer is equipped with multiple cutting lanes, and a new automatic feeding belt, which is synchronized with the belt that conveys the product to the blade. These innovations allow the machine to meet even the highest demands for capacity.


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