11 July 2018


Food safety need to be considered at every stage of the supply chain, ensuring food safely reaches the consumer. To make this possible, Turatti and award-winning start-up EZ Lab presented in the United States the first food processing equipment using blockchain technology to certify the different processing steps to which each batch of products is subject.

An absolute novelty that has stirred up much interest: the single machines and the process lines of Turatti are now able to record in real time, on a blockchain platform, different steps to which the product is subject.

The data are then automatically encoded on an unmodifiable register and can be checked at any time: therefore a company that adopts Turatti‘s machinery can offer a new guarantee in terms of food safety, because the blockchain technology allows to certify all the processing steps to which each individual lot has been submitted. A certification that can be shown as a guarantee and proof in case of complaints related to product safety.

«Innovation is in our group’s DNA – says Alessandro Turatti, President and CEO of Turatti North America – from the development of the initial idea to the machine or to the final software.
With EZ Lab and through Thrive AgTech platform, of which we are providers and partners with Yamaha, Cisco, Wells Fargo, (just to mention some of the best known names), we have created a solution in the interests of food safety, efficiency and the ‘Farm to Fork’ chain.”

“Food safety topics – explains Massimo Morbiato, founder Ez Lab – are becoming central, consumers are rightly more and more concerned with this aspect, they ask for guarantees, they weigh their purchase choices. The application of blockchain technology to the Turatti process solutions can also be effectively integrated with AgriOpendata, our platform for traceability of the supply chain that allows consumers to know all the steps from the field to the supermarket shelf ».


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