Nutraceutical Division

Turatti Group has developed a brand-new selection of machines designed specifically for INDUSTRIAL NUTRACEUTICAL PROCESSING OF HEMP

We chose the expression «the future today» to describe our attitude because we strongly believe that investing in the constant search for new markets and new technologies is synonymous and guarantee of quality. We have listened to the new demands of the food processors and the growers and we decided to develop a NEW DIVISION focusing on a new approach to the processing of Therapeutic and Nutraceutical Products and Isolates.

We create a team made up of professionals, with decades of experience in their field of expertise, coming from the world of engineering, automation, information technology and chemistry, to design and manufacture stand-alone machinery and whole processing lines for herbal products, isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and specially formulated diet foods.

Each one of our machines is designed with a special attention to highest hygienic requirements without compromising efficiency; this mindset allows us to avoid the risk of contamination and gives to the operator easy access to the machines for cleaning, maintenance and inspection operations.

Our Machinery


Our Trimmer is designed to gently remove leaves from previously dried inflorescences.


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Our Destemmer is designed to separate the hemp flowers from the stems, both dry and fresh.


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Our Grader is a size sorter that gently grades flowers by width/diameter using a series of accurate forward-moving grading rollers.


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Processing Line


Continuous Flow Cannabis Processing Line


We design complete automated processing lines that can cater to the post-harvest and pre-packaging needs.
With a customized design of infeed and output conveyors, the machinery can process the product starting from the raw plant to the final packaging operations.


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We have offices located in Italy, North America and Asia and we guarantee technical assistance, maintenance and spare parts worldwide.

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