Since its introduction, the Mod. Vortex® took the produce market by storm, becoming the preferred drying solution for all major processors worldwide. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Turatti Group, an innovative version of the spin dryer had been released: the new Mod. Vortex®-150.
This new model broadens the range of advanced drying systems and, adding to the existing Vortex®, offers an infinite series of combinations to process the widest range of products.

The system shares with the original Vortex® model, multiple innovations covered by international patents making it a fully automatic spin dyer that combines high capacity de-watering with gentle handling of the product. Its lower height coupled with an extraordinarily open hygienic design allows an increased accessibility to every area of the machine. This results in easier cleaning and maintenance operations.

The system features an innovative basket, the result of several sophisticated computer simulations, that shaped its design to enhance water evacuation even at very low rotations. This allows an efficient and rapid drying process, without damages to the product since the patented drum has an entirely smooth inner surface with no central axle or further contact parts.
Additionally, new external fins allow to maintain lower RPMs (Revolutions Per Minute) to dry very delicate and fragile products.
With an emphasis on simple, robust, sanitary construction, the Vortex® ensures limited vibrations thanks to innovative patented anti-vibrating suspensions, protecting the support frame from dangerous mechanical stresses.
The Vortex® offers fully automatic operation with computerized control of all the main management parameters. It is possible to rapidly switch from one recipe to another, thanks to proprietary software and RFID card access. Ready for Blockchain Technology Integration.

Designed and manufactured with hygiene in mind, full accessibility is guaranteed to every area.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

• Ability to dry very delicate and fragile products – leaf and otherwise.
• High quality drying level guaranteed by the new shape of the basket.
• Hygienic design that allows a full and easy access to each part of the machine and quick cleaning operations.
• Compact and low configuration; while fitting in a very limited space, it maintains the capability to process high volumes of product.
• VFD-driven motor, allowing reliability, flexibility in operation, low energy consumption and possibility to recover the energy generated by the spin dryer.
• High versatility with a wide range of feeding and discharging systems available and possibility to have different configurations in order to adapt the unit to the plant layout.
• Simply unique construction of the machine with a heavy-duty drive.
• Fully automatic operation with computerized control of all the main management parameters.
• Possibility to install a high precision weighing belt (as optional).



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