The Titano-CR multi-lane decorer is a flexible machine that can be adapted to many different products, providing a platform for coring, trimming, and cutting as required. The machine is equipped with a first section for the removal of cauliflower leaves. A special tool cuts the leaves, which are evacuated by means of fans. The operator placed on the side of the machine collects the product and places it on the buckets of the coring system with the core (or stalk) in upright position. A laser pointer, that indicates the correct position of the product, helps the operator during the positioning of the product. Buckets are installed on an apron conveyor that moves continuously, conveying product inside the machine. The system is available in single lane or double lanes models.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

  • The machine is the only available system on the market that can removes the jacket (leaves) from cauliflowers.
  • Continuous operation of the machine; apron conveyor moves at constant speed in order to optimize product’s speed and create less stress for the operators.
  • High flexibility of the machine, allowing a wide range of operations on many products, simply done through tool replacement.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning, thanks to removable covers that allow a better access to internal sections
  • Easy and quick cutting head replacement.
  • Safety during operation. Machine stops in case of door or cover opening; in emergency stop, the internal air pressure is released.
  • Completely programmable, thanks to a touch-screen HMI: it’s possible to select many working parameters, activate cutting tools, as well as save and select recipes.
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