To meet the requirements of small processors and foodservice operators, Turatti developed the new Streamer Compact. This compact model offers the same finished high-quality product with the Mod. Streamer, but with a lower throughput. The advanced spiralizer can handle a wide range of product sizes (from thin Zucchini up to large whole Butternut Squash). This model provides a very high final yield since the product is completely sliced in spirals, while removing only its unusable top end. Thanks to its innovative cutting head and high-precision centering tool, the quality of the final product cannot be duplicated with other systems. The unit can operate with multiple blades and the length of the spiralized products is adjustable in endless combinations. Therefore, from even the toughest vegetables, delicate strands, thicker noodles or light, billowing ribbons can be obtained. The unit is designed to discharge the finished product into a container or an outlet belt (not included). The system processes continuously and can be operated without interruption. Designed to be very easy to operate and clean, with protection for safe operation. The main features and advantages of the system are:

  • Very easy to operate and handle.
  • Combining high-quality of the finished product with a compact design.
  • Continuous operation with different products.
  • Uniform cut with flexibility to add variety as required.
  • High yield (the product is completely sliced in spirals).
  • Enhanced hygienic design and full accessibility to all components.
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