The Mod. Shogun slicer is designed to accurately cut whole tomatoes, onions, oranges, lemons, and other similar products into accurate slices, while retaining them together through the cutting process. The result is a sliced product with a perfect cross section and a greater slicing yield (while automatically removing the top and the tail).
The produce is hand-fed into the pocketed carousel, and is then gently conveyed through a set of fixed blades, slicing the product with a fixed cut thickness. The sliced product is finally conveyed to the exit area. The machine could be equipped to obtain different slices, and with a cutting head suitable to cut the sliced product in half. The cutting area is completely enclosed and cannot be reached or accessed by the operator.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

  • High quality of the finished product, with uniform and clear cut.
  • Dry slice without using water.
  • Easy maintenance and sanitation.
  • Very high-quality blades.
  • Available on casters for mobility and plant layout flexibility.
  • Fully guarded to insure operator safety.
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