Turatti is committed to setting the standard for equipment, obtaining the safest and highest quality fresh-cut fruit products. For this reason, the company developed the new continuous fruit sterilizer Mod. Safefruit, suitable to accurately clean and sterilize the skin and the external surface of different types of fruits (i.e. melons, watermelons, pineapples,…). Even if there are other methods of sterilization, such as direct steam and irradiation, the best way to rid the surface of bacteria and microorganisms is using hot water, permitting the possibility to reach all the most difficult places of skin (i.e. the one of the melon or of the one of pineapple). The uniqueness of the system is defined by its versatility and flexibility, allowing operation in different configurations. In fact, the supply of steam can be quickly turned off for a quick changeover to the transport of products which do not need any hot water treatment. In addition to this, the option to chlorinate the product for a set time is available, thanks to the special execution of the transport belt. The treatments do not affect the taste, aroma, color, or firmness of the flesh used for fresh cuts. The system utilizes an environmentally friendly technology that is very useful in cleaning and disinfecting melon fruits destined for fresh-cut processing.

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