This system is suitable to remove the skin of mangos in a highcapacity fashion. The operator manually places the product into a holder that automatically transfers the mango to the peeling section. Thanks to a special adaptive system, it is possible to receive and process products with different sizes, ensuring maximum efficiency. Internally, a special blade, equipped with a system that precisely follows the shape of each fruit, peels the mango. Another important feature is the possibility to adjust the blade action in order to obtain different peeling depths. After the start of the peeling phase, the product-holder returns to its initial position to allow the operator to load the next product batch. The peeled product is discharged onto an extraction belt that moves it out from the machine. Skins are collected on the same extraction belt and then separated. This machine is equipped with a PLC and operator panel to set the operating parameters. The main advantages and features of the machine are:

  • Possibility to peel uncalibrated product with different sizes.
  • Adjustable peeling depth.
  • Separation between good product and waste.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Automatic operation.
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