Turatti is pleased to introduce another unique and innovative piece of equipment to their fruit and vegetable line. The brandnew Mod. Frazer Strawberry Capper was developed to remove the strawberry calyx (top green cap with leaves) and if desired, cut each strawberry in half. This patent-pending system can also be used in the removal of the radishes’ calyx. Strawberries have become a year-round commodity, and consumers expect a good quality product at a reasonable price. As a result, strawberry processors need to not only source a good tasting product, but handle the strawberries gently during processing, while automating as many aspects of the process as possible. The new Turatti strawberry cutter was developed to address both of these requirements. The innovative design eliminates manual labor and handles each strawberry gently to prevent mechanical damage. The unit can be easily integrated into a compact processing line that gently washes, disinfects, and dries each strawberry for unmatched quality and efficiency. The main advantages and features of the machine are:

  • Labor saving.
  • Quality of the finished product.
  • Dry slice without using water.
  • High capacity.
  • Easy maintenance and sanitation.
  • Very high-quality blades.
  • On request, available on casters for mobility and plant layout flexibility.
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