The continuous air drying tunnel from Turatti, is the optimal system to remove moisture from the surface of delicate types of vegetables after the washing phase. The newest version of the model has several attributes, including the ability to dewater very fragile and delicate products, continuous operation and better quality of the end product, which does not undergo mechanical stress. This integrated system can process a wide range of food products (such as salads, baby leaves, aromatic herbs, bean sprouts, mushrooms) and is supplied as a pre-assembled compact unit, requiring a minimum time for installation. The model can be tailored to several sizes and configurations to meet individual customer requirements. For the last 28 years, Turatti has been developing and refining many air tunnel models, which are now at work in companies worldwide ranging from the United States, Australia and Europe. In the latest 2015 version, the Hygienic Design concept has been optimized in every conceivable way to enhance the dewatering quality and products change-over while reducing the cost of maintenance, power, water, and cleaning agents. In order to reduce the energy requirements, the new drying tunnel is operated by a dedicated refrigeration system. This approach saves at least 25 % energy compared to similar systems and earlier Turatti models. The machine is supplied in plug and play configuration. The Turatti air drying tunnel has no release of heat and moisture in the surrounding areas. Other important features of the system:

  • Perfect external insulation made with sandwich panels of polyurethane covered with stainless steel sheet on the inner side and on the outer side; access doors of the same material perfectly sealed in order to reduce heat loss and increase the efficiency of the tunnel.
  • Access to internal frame of conveyor belts for product removal and sanitation through quick release belts or similar.
  • Side guards can be easily removed for cleaning or inspection.
  • Surfaces are easy to clean and have no product catch points or ragged edges or possibility of debris accumulation.
  • Equipment has been designed to avoid liquids retention (including chemical solutions) during the cleaning process.
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