Our history

The Turatti Group boasts a vast amount of experience in the food sector, where it has been operating for as many as four generations over three centuries, since its creation in Cavarzere (Veneto Region) in 1869.

The Group’s activities have evolved over the course of many decades, varying from the construction of equipment for agriculture to the design and manufacturing of machinery and complete processing plants for the food industry. Nowadays, the Group is active in four different divisions that revolve around the food processing, starting with Food Service, the designing of customized solutions for the food industry and enology (Dionysus System), to automation and services.

Turatti has always worked globally, with an 80% export rate of its total sales volume. Turatti North America, with its state-of-art factory close to the Silicon Valley, serves the North American market, offering to its customers the same innovative technologies and services.


To provide the most advanced customized food processing solutions, assisting processors in delivering food products with superior safety, quality, and convenience.


To be the preferred solutions provider in the global food processing business, following our unwavering commitment to design and manufacture state-of-the-art tailored equipment and processing lines.


Your company, your products, and your needs are unique and we know that.

We have the experience and skills to elaborate, design, and develop solutions that provide increased benefits in terms of productivity, flexibility and quality.

From the tailor made prototype to large scale systems, we cooperate with major leading companies worldwide. Contact us and take advantage of our experience and versatility.

Our core values

Throughout its 150 years of history, Turatti has been continuously operating according to the inspiring principles of ethics and ongoing research for real progress. While remaining intact, these ideals have been adapted to trends over various eras, contributing to the company’s technological development. Today, the two principles that have accompanied the successes of the Turatti Group are expressed through the achievement of four fundamental values that constitute the Turatti Group’s charter of values.


Raw materials allow the production chain to perpetuate, provided that they are treated with the respect they deserve.
Turatti also manages its human resources accordingly: a team of reliable collaborators and the ability to preserve the quality of
the raw materials used are the two strengths that the centuriesold company structure relies on.


Food is the element that ensures and preserves human subsistence. Therefore, focusing on all food processing phases means playing an active role in the health of the planet. As a result, the Turatti Group develops the best solutions for the food sector in terms of flexibility and productivity so it can constantly offer its customers high-quality products.


Investing in ongoing research into new technology is synonymous with guaranteed quality. Driven by strong determination to offer the best solutions in the food processing industry, the Turatti Group relies on technologies with reduced environmental impact that preserve the organoleptic properties of products, aware that great innovation can only be achieved if it makes a positive contribution to development worldwide.


The motto that inspires the Turatti Group’s philosophy is “Think global, act local”. Extensive knowledge of its global market is combined with a strong focus on local markets, whose special features are taken into account. Although Turatti plays a Global role in the spread of machinery throughout the world, it becomes Local where it preserves the uniqueness of each territory, thus succeeding in Glocalizing typical end products for each individual territory.

Our values

The Turatti Group is constantly expanding. Throughout its 150 years of history, it has successfully created a highly varied sales network, with offi ces in key geographical areas worldwide. From its headquarters in Italy, the Turatti Group first expanded to North America, where it distributes services to the entire USA market, followed by the Pacific area, where it offers machinery equal to that manufactured for the USA in terms of quality and efficiency.


Turatti invests in continuously innovating its production chain, combining technological research with respect for the raw materials used.


Turatti guarentees constant respect for the specific habitat and special features of each different region, developing machinery with reduced environmental impact.


Thanks to the high-level professionalism of its in-house team, Turatti only develops extremely efficient, cost-effective, and durable production chains.


Turatti has the best machinery in the hygienic design field, allowing it to obtain healthy and high-quality end products.

Processing solutions

Turatti is among the top suppliers of food processing systems in the world, delivering innovative solutions to serve the Fresh-cut and Ready Meals industries, in addition to the established Preserved, Frozen and Dehydrated ones.
Turatti supplies standard machines or designs complete with tailor-made systems, constantly investing to improve the quality and performance through a combination of know-how and innovation.

Fresh product

Turatti has many years of experience in this sector, giving us the capability to process a wide range of fresh products.

This experiencee is summed up in the combination of strongly built equipment (proven by systems that have been

Canned foods

Turatti has been operating in the canned food processing sector (preserves) for over one hundred years.

Over the years, Turatti has introduced equipment for a wide range of products (fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, baby-food) which has strongly accel

Frozen product

Compared to any other preservation process, freezing is the most advantageous because it does not significantly alter the structure and nutritional integrity of food.

In fact, since industrial freezing procedures have been perfected, cold technology has improved to the point that it has revolutionized eating habits in the most developed countries.

In order to obtain an extremely


We wrote the book on fresh cut processing. No other manufacturer in the world can boast the same experience as Turatti can in the manufacture of machines for fresh-cut products.

Main producers worldwide (references are available upon request) use our technology and plants, thanks a cooperation that very often goes beyond the standard customer-supplier relationship, working together and becoming a joint research team.

In this way, different machi

Convenience food

It is common knowledge that fifth range products include fruit and vegetables, which undergo a preliminary process (washing, cutting, peeling…). Then they are cooked, sterilized, and vacuum packed (in the case of medium-long term preservation) or steamed, boiled, or grilled and packaged in a protective atmosphere (in the case o

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