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24 March 2020
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17 March 2020
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Turatti food processing division
Turatti food processing division
From stand-alone machinery to complete systems, Turatti Food Processing offers customized solutions with high added value in terms of quality and flexibility, while respecting all ergonomic and health standards.
Turatti food service division
Turatti food service division
Turatti Food Service produces innovative and efficient processing solutions, intended to meet the most stringent requirements of the food service industry. The company develops the very latest in modern solutions in the hygienic design field, maximizing the user friendliness of each piece of machinery in order to increase food safety.
Turatti automation division
Turatti automation division
Innovative leader in developing automated control systems for food processing, Turatti has an efficient team of engineers and programmers, who develop patented solutions in order to offer operators extensive control of processing lines and the ability to consistently obtain high-quality products.
Turatti dionysus system
Turatti dionysus system
A knowledge of pollutants influencing the production cycle of vines, led to the Dionysus system, which Turatti provides to optimize all the necessary steps before crushing and pressing grapes.
Turatti Nutraceutical Division
Turatti Nutraceutical Division
Is the division to the Processing and Extraction of Therapeutic and Nutraceutical Products and Isolates


The Turatti Group is constantly expanding. Throughout its 150 years of history, it has successfully created a highly varied sales network, with offi ces in key geographical areas worldwide. From its headquarters in Italy, the Turatti Group first expanded to North America, where it distributes services to the entire USA market, followed by the Pacific area, where it off ers machinery equal to that manufactured for the USA in terms of quality and efficiency.

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